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Are you attracted to Scorpio men? Do their behaviors confuse you? Why are they so magnetic and what causes them to be so mysterious?.
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Are the rumors true? If a Scorpion guy is attracted to you physically and the feeling is mutual, you can expect a highly passionate experience. The intensity of lovemaking becomes amplified if there is a strong emotional connection. Scorpio males do not like being dominated. Once you enter into a relationship with this sign, you need to know the men can be super protective. A Scorpio man will do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves and will even put his own life at risk to ensure their safety.

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On some level, this may seem like an admirable trait. Just be careful because this characteristic can also get them into trouble. When you enter into a relationship with a Scorpion dude, you need to know they have powerful memory banks short and long term. They can recall the smallest detail of a situation, particularly the spoken word. Many consider this trait to be a good thing. In addition — and this applies to Scorpion men exclusively — they have a real hard time with a mate earning more money than they do.

The truth is Scorpio needs to be a caretaker because it is an extension of their need to control. This can pose a real problem for other signs who are also caretakers, such as Cancer. Most Scorpio men struggle with back problems, particularly in the lower lumbar region. The reason is simple.

Because of their obsessive nature, they tend to hold stress and anxiety in the lower back. If you want to get close to your man, offer occasional backrubs and massages. An important thing to keep in mind when you are romantically involved with this sign is the men tend to be brutally direct. There will be no mincing of words and no passive-aggressive game playing. Many people find this to be a welcome trait. That said, if you happen to be the sensitive type, it may take some getting used to. Moreover, you will be able to sense this deep inside.

His touch, voice, and general presence will intuitively speak to your heart. The key thing is to allow his emotions to unfold organically.

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If you are looking for a man who will not cheat, bonding with a Scorpio guy is a good choice. They do — a lot. See the next point for more insight. In simple-speak, this metaphorical structure contains the twin vibrations of mystery and sexual energy. Scorpions men and women vibe out magnetic intrigue. It is their nature to flirt.

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  4. Moreover, they like when other people check them out. This is not a sign that wants to steal the limelight or be the center of attention like some Leo men do. Instead, your Scorpio man will try to blend himself into the background, quietly and discretely. There, he will simply observe everything that is happening. But if given a preference, they prefer a small, intimate groups over large crowds. This is a truth for all water signs. Reading a good book, watching a movie, or simply engaging in one on one dialogue with you is more than enough to satisfy him.

    Wondering where to go on vacation with your man? Trying to plan the perfect get-away? If so, it would be smart to arrange plans where water is present. Like a moth to a flame, Scorpios are drawn to the sea. This could be a lake, pond or the ocean.

    The Scorpio Man as a Husband or Partner

    All you need to know is that water has a calming effect on him. Swimming, camping, and boating activities are all excellent choices. Water has a restorative effect on the guys and for reasons that I do not fully understand. When handled properly, your man will appreciate that you took the time to point out a behavior that needs adjustment.

    The best approach is to appeal to his logical side, using wisdom as your guide. Avoid attacking him when possible. Otherwise, you will get stung — badly. Some signs are naturally gifted in this area. Others not so much. For example, Aquarius and Scorpio can sometimes butt heads because of faulty communications. If you want to date a man who is good with money and makes smart financial decisions, Scorpio males are a smart choice.

    The hard truth is this sign likes to hoard cash. Not because they are cheap. Mentally, Scorpios like to be challenged. Many are employed in careers such as healthcare, psychology, criminology, finance, and engineering. Instead, the Scorpion psyche needs to apply his analytical skills to feel whole.

    Money is, therefore, a byproduct of his efforts. Perhaps more so than any other sign, Scorpio men are super independent. They absolutely detest the notion of someone taking care of them.

    Scorpio Positive and Negative Traits: Oct 23 - Nov 21

    The fastest way to turn one off is to get clingy. Some have suggested the sign is also stubborn. On some level, this may be true. When a Scorpio man is in love with you, he will love all of you. This means the parts you want him to see and other parts you are trying to hide. Feeling a bit depressed and need support? Dating, bonding, and loving a Scorpio man can be complicated. Some accuse us of being self-absorbed narcissists. The only real difference is that we tend to love hard, hurt hard, and feel deeply. Leo man in bed, revealed by a Leo man Wondering what the Leo man is like in bed? Dating a Leo male and thinking about hooking up?

    Curious about how to turn him on? Approach anxiety is real but it is also total bullshit.

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    You are having beers with your friends in a bar, laughing your asses off and enjoying your time in general. Then all of a sudden, […]. Medusa Story in Detail As an educator and counselor, I often use tales from classic Greek Mythology as a way of relating common themes that speak to the human condition. Scorpios rival air signs in their need for intellectual stimulation.

    Remember this is a brooding sign, constantly examining both feelings and ideas. Be someone who stands out and is different from the women around her. Scorpio is not looking for the popular chick. He is looking for the one who is brave enough to be individualistic. When a Scorpio man walks into the room, he scans it for the woman who is not like the others in some powerful way. Be someone who has high standards — classy, full of self-respect, with the ability to bring out the best in the Scorpio Man.

    Scorpio men tend to evolve for the women they love, leaving petty Scorpio traits and behaviors behind if they are pressured to elevate. Scorpio men are often not ambitious in business; however, a sharp, efficient women can bring out their productive and professionally competitive side. Be a woman who can come off her high horse in the bedroom and be extremely lustful with a bag full of secret and constantly changing techniques.

    This is routinely offensive to some, so the Scorpio man will appreciate the woman who truly finds his quips amusing. Be a woman whom he can trust to stand by him and fight when he feels the world is against him — which is often for a Scorpio man. Zodiac Battles Vintage ScorpioLand.